Ethics in Transnational Business


The Corporate Agribusiness Research Project (CARP) is a public interest project, sponsored by Voice for a Viable Future since 1996. It seeks to provide a central, accurate and in-depth source of information on corporate agriculture's economic, social and environmental impacts on family farmers, rural communities, ecosystems and consumers. CARP offers a range of technical assistance that includes research, public education materials and tools, lectures and trainings.

The Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a new Amsterdam-based non-profit foundation set up to monitor and report on the activities of European corporations and their lobby groups.

The Multinationals Resource Center (MRC) is a project of Multinational Monitor magazine. MRC is designed to help activists, journalists, academics and others who need information on the activities of corporations operating in their communities. MRC provides information on topics such as: company history, environmental and workplace hazards associated with various production processes, health and environmental problems associated with products ranging from pharmaceuticals to pesticides, and the dangers of large-scale waste disposal. 

Ethical Investment Research Service 

Boston College Centre for Corporate Community Relations

Centre for Innovation in Corporate Responsibility - Combines environmental management with corporate social responsibility. Advocates the `triple bottom line', which includes social and environmental considerations as well as financial.

International Society of Business, Economics and Ethics - aims to facilitate the dissemination of information and to foster mutually fruitful interaction among businesses, academics, professional societies, and others interested in the ethical dimensions of business and economics on the international level. In July 2000, ISEE put on the Second World Congress on Business, Economic and Ethics. The papers contributed to the Congress can be accessed from their website.

AccountAbility  - Promotes best practice, social and ethical accounting, auditing, and reporting. Devoted to strengthening the social responsibility and ethical behaviour of the business community and non-profit organizations. is administered by Chris MacDonald (
"Applied Ethics Resources on WWW" was developed, funded, and maintained for nearly a decade as a project of the
W. Maurice Young Centre for Applied Ethics