Financial Figures & Accountability

While the EthicsWeb Bookstore is not a registered charity, it does run on a not-for-profit basis. We currently operate at a loss, and any future profits will be put towards improving the resources we offer. We do derive a small sales commission (paid by Amazon) for each book or other item sold through our pages. But the revenues generated are small compared to our costs. 

Buying a book through the EthicsWeb Bookstore costs no more (or less) than buying directly through Amazon's own website; the difference is that if you buy through us, the referral fees generated go to support the provision of high-quality ethics resource websites.

The EthicsWeb consists of a network of about a dozen topic-oriented applied ethics websites. Most of these are run on free (banner-supported) hosting services; the only costs associated with them are the yearly domain registration fees (i.e., the fee charged to maintain our rights to use the various domain names, e.g., "", etc.)

Six of the sites, namely itself, along with our most popular topical site,, as well as,, and are hosted on paid hosting services. The others are hosted on banner-supported (i.e., free) hosting services.

Financial Report (July1, 2003 - June 30, 2004): 


    Yearly domain registration fees: 12 (domains) x $30 = $360

    Hosting Fees: (6 domains) = $596

    Total: $956


July1, 2003 - June 30, 2004
Items Shipped Value of Shipped Items Referral Fees
292 $5903.44 ($US) $275.94 ($US)

Total revenues for this period: $275.94 U.S. ($352.06 Canadian, using the exchange rate for September 26, 2004)

Net: $352.06 - $956 =  -$603.94 (i.e., a loss of $603.94)

If revenues ever start exceeding costs, we will use the surplus to make more of the EthicsWeb websites banner-free. 

If you'd like to help, make sure to order all of your books (and CD's and movies and electronics and software and so on) through the EthicsWeb Bookstore. If you get to through this site, we'll get a commission on anything you buy...which will help fund the continuing provision of high-quality ethics resource websites.

Another option: if you've benefited from our listings and would like to contribute to the continued provision of high-quality ethics resources, you can make a donation (any amount you choose) by clicking on the button below. Donations are handled through PayPal's secure website.

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